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Finca Aurora washed

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Finca Aurora lies in the highlands of Santa Cruz Verapaz near Cobán. In 1887, European immigrants built the farm and started cultivating jute, coffee and sugarcane. Thanks to these commercial activities, the estate prospered. The entire estate covers 120 hectares, with 23 hectares under coffee cultivation.

Not much changed of the initial infrastructure, until 10 years ago. The entire plantation was renovated with high-quality varieties, new plants and state of the art processing facilities. As from then, Finca Aurora took the direction of high-quality coffee production. The wet mill is built with stainless steel to avoid any flavour contamination in between processing batches.

The region has a subtropical climate and volcanic soil, in which coffee plants thrive. The growing altitude of the farm ranges from 1450 to 1550 meters above sea level.