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Kiini (Embu)

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Every year, our range of coffees from Embu county grows a little bit. The region may not be as famous as Nyeri or Kirinyaga, but there surely are some tasty coffees around there! The region has around 38 000 smallholder coffee producers. These produce 85% of all coffee in Embu county. A small number of estates produce the rest of the county’s production.

Kiini factory

The Kiini factory is part of the Central Ngandori Farmers Cooperative Society (F.C.S.) in Embu county. It lies in Kairuri, about 15km from Embu town. The Central Ngandori society has two other mills (Mwiria and Kairuri), which serve 3000 coffee producing members altogether. Kiini produces around 69MT of coffee on a yearly basis.

Coffee producers from around the processing station bring their cherries to the central mill in the evening. The washing station’s accountant writes down the volume and quality. The producer receives full payment accordingly later on when the coffee is sold in the weekly auction. Because a huge amount of cash would be needed to pay everyone at that moment, the washing station can only pre-finance a part of the delivered volume.

Through the society, the coffee producers can get loans and they have access to farming inputs. They receive technical training on farming and Good Agricultural Practices to increase productivity and quality and to produce coffee in a more sustainable way.

Coffee from Kiini factory has that classic, bold Kenyan profile. Expect a lot of blue fruit and big sweetness coupled to a round body.

 big body, complex, sweet, savory, balanced, bright acidity

  • Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society
  • 1200 farmers
  • Ngariama - Kirinyaga County - Kenya
  • Mount Kenya
  • red volcanic
  • 1600 - 1900m