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La Perla-La Montaña honey

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La Perla Del Cafe Micromill is owned by Carlos and Diana Barrantes, who also own five other nearby small coffee farms. It’s La Perla Del Cafe Micromill, however, that the Barrantes are especially known for. At this micromill, they have a laser focus on producing the highest quality coffee possible. The Barrantes even go so far as to hire the same 45 indigenous people to pick their ripe coffee cherries each year, so their pickers know exactly what to look for in the cherries they pick.

 Chocolate, toffee, grapefruit


Honey processing, which also goes by pulp natural and semi-washed processing, leaves some of the coffee cherries’ mucilage on the beans. The beans are dried in the sun with the sticky fruit on them. This processing method:

  • Is known for producing sweet coffees with a rounded mouthfeel
  • Creates a less acidic coffee than wet processing
  • Producer:  Carlos Barrantes

    Region:  Cirri Sur, Naranjo, Valle Occidental, Costa Rica

    Farm:  La Montana, La Perla Del Café Micromill 

    Cultivar:   Villa Sarchi

    Process:   Yellow Honey Process 

    Altitude:   1500m - 1650m asl