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Santa Teresita-La Celia

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Trilladora Santa Teresita

Trilladora Santa Teresita is one of the many dry mills in the Pereira area. Coffee producers can sell their parchment to any of the numerous cooperatives or exporters. The Santa Teresita dry mill and warehouse is located in Pereira, right in the heart of Colombia’s Eje Cafetero. They take care of milling, grading, commercializing and exporting the smallholder’s coffee.

About two hundred small-scale producers in the La Celia region of the Risaralda department contributed to it. The municipality is located at 1350 meters above sea level, where the average temperature remains at a steady 23°C year-round.

Main harvest is collected in the second semester, from October to November. The mitaca or secondary harvest is collected in the first semester, from March to April.  Farmers in the area typically own a 2.5 to 6 hectare farm, where they predominantly grow the Castillo variety. The producers wet-process their own cherries. Parchment is dried on patios or in driers, depending on the weather conditions.

  • smallholder farmers in La Celia, Risaralda
  • Castillo
  • 2016
  • La Celia, Risaralda department
  • Western Andes
  • 1350m
  • patio & silo driers