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Silaban Tao

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137 Kč
Cena bez DPH: 119,13 Kč

Contrary to other Indonesian coffees available on the coffee market, Mandheling does not refer to the area where the coffee is grown. The name is the result of a miss-spelling of the name of the Mandailing people of Sumatra. Now the name Mandheling is a trade name for coffee grown in North Sumatra. Mandheling coffee is typically wet-hulled, a process largely accountable for the typical heavy and rustic taste.
This harvest’s Mandheling we brought in was grown in Central Aceh in the Takengon area, close to the Laut Tawar lake. The name Silaban Tao refers to the Silaban province; Tao means lake.

This Silaban Tao coffee is exported by Sidikalang CV. They buy coffee from producer groups in Aceh, Dolok Sanggul and Siborong areas in northern Sumatra.

You’ll get a round and sweet coffee with a lemony brightness, perfect for adding depth in an espresso blend; or even as a single origin espresso it has enough character.

Earthy, sweet, big body

  • various smallholder producers
  • Linie S
  • 2016
  • Earthy, sweet, big body | score: 84

  • Laut Tawar, Takengon Aceh - North Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Central Aceh Highlands
  • 1300m