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Sitio do Cruz Natural

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Sitio do Cruz

Sitio do Cruz is a relatively new coffee farm. Up intil 2011, it was solely a dairy and cattle farm. Every year, 30% of the farm was reconverted to coffee production. Eyeing the specialty coffee market, he planted yellow Bourbon and Catucai varieties. Impressively enough, Rogério Rodrigues Pereira managed to rank in Brazil’s Cup of Excellence natural competition in 2015, with what must have been one of Sitio do Cruz’ first full harvests!

Rogério collaborates with a team of agronomists who advise him on the best farming practices. With their help, he quickly managed to optimalize his land for coffee production. The agronomists also advise on proper drying methods and safe bean storage, so that all hard work gone into the beans before, during and after harvest is safely locked and preserved in the bean.

This lot from Sitio do Cruz is a natural processed yellow Bourbon variety. It was grown at an altitude of 1300m, an altitude quite rare in Brazil! The farm is located in the mountaineous Mantiqueira de Minas region, home to many microclimates and our favourite region for specialty coffee in Brazil. This year, we found many coffees from this region to have extra bright and refined, fruity  flavour profiles. The capricious weather has without a doubt been beneficial for Brazil’s specialty production.