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In Brazil’s coffee history, Cooxupé has been present for many decades. It was founded in 1932 as a cooperative of agricultural credit, and developed into the Regional Coffee Growers’ Cooperative of Guaxupé in 1957. This was when they started buying, milling and commercializing coffee for the international market. With its long-running experience in the coffee market, Cooxupé is a reference in the national and international coffee sector. Today, companies in more than fourty countries buy their Brazilian coffee from Cooxupé. The cooperative has approximately twelve thousand members, of which 97% are small-scale farming families and small land owners. Coffee production is their main source of income. They buy coffee from producers in Sul de Minas and Cerrado in the Minas Gerais region and from the Rio Pardo Valley in São Paulo. Cooxupé has buying points in about 250 Brazilian towns, spread over these regions.

As one of the coffee giants in Brazil, Cooxupé also understands they have a social responsibility towards their members, especially in the rural areas where the cooperative has operations. They have developed various health and scholarship programs, as well as education and agricultural training. In these trainings, great focus is put on the future generations of coffee farmers and sustainable farming. One of the social projects they created is called Escola Consciente, which was awarded an Andef Award in 2014, one of the most important awards in Brazilian agriculture. To reduce the impact of coffee farming, Cooxupé also has the power to make a difference. Since 2013, they launched the Environmental Education Center to make the future generations more eco-conscious. Waste water from processing is collected from the mills by an external specialized company. This water gets treated and cleaned in Cooxupé’s Estações Compactas de Tratamento de Esgotos (ECTEs).

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