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El Zapote geisha natural

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El Zapote Geisha Natural


Chutě: květinová, krémová, sladká, tropické ovoce


Finca El Zapote can be found high up in the mountains of Huehuetenango, on the border with Mexico near the small town of Aguas Dulces. The coffee from Hernan Pérez has been a steady contribution to the assortment from The Coffee Quest, our importing partner. Starting out as one of the first Guatemalan coffees imported in 2016, and now with both an Estate lot and price winning Geisha’s. 

Hernan likes to explain that El Zapote location is perfect to grow quality coffee: The coffee plantations are sown in an altitude that goes around 1500 to 1900 masl. The weather is between 18 to 22 Celsius degrees. Having around 1,500 to 2,000 mm of rainfall each year, surrounded with mountainous terrain, on clay loam soil, and blessed with different micro-climates that has allowed different coffee varieties growing in the perfect weather.

The fair distribution of the rain throughout the year is excellent for the bean development. The temperature is low enough for the coffee to ripen slowly, but also to generate a very slow drying process, which complements the complexity in the cup. According to Hernan, this specific terroir makes his coffees unique with some overall dried fruit flavours, citrics, intense and long lasting.

This year we have the pleasure to offer natural Geisha from El Zapote.




El Zapoted Geisha Natural



Nadmořská výška:

1500 - 1900 mnm





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